What God has for me, it is for me.

My thoughts for this weekend centered around this one hope - that the things that God has in store for me are already spoken in Heaven. I'm just waiting for them to be brought to fruition in the earth. Although I, in my impatience and lack of trust, can cause these things to be hindered - ultimately if God has ordained it, then though it tarry, I will wait for it, because it will surely come (Hab. 2:3).

Thank God that He does not give us what we want, when we want it. Yet, He uses situations to reveal our true nature, so that He can dig around our roots and fix us, so that we are fit for His use.

In those times when I feel as though I have been passed over or forgotten by God, I'll allow the scriptures to remind me differently. For God knows the plans He has for me, and they are plans for prosperity and are not intended for my demise. This eliminates the fear that may arise in me at times, knowing that if I let God make the necessary adjustments in me and trust in Him, then He will bring His will to pass in my life.

Remember all things are working together for our good and towards that future that is in the heart of God concerning us.

In Numbers 9:8, Moses instructed his people to stand still, and he would hear what the Lord commanded concerning them. So with this new sunrise, I ask the question of God, "What will you have me to do?". Then, I will listen for His direction. I will trust Him that my steps are ordered. I will believe, that with all gentleness, He is placing my feet step by step in the direction they ought to go.


Garrett said...

Good post. Good word. I needed to hear that today. It IS for me. (I miss hearing that song at Metro).

LaToya Graves said...

Garrett, I was reminded even today, how God knows we are from the dust. We are not perfect, but striving every day to bare more closely a resemblance to our Savior. I hope this song stays in your heart. God Bless.